The mythical identity of the architecture of the PRL

A brief description of the exhibition:

“The mythology of painting structures in discovering the identity of the architecture of the People’s Republic of Poland”, is the full title of the doctoral thesis, in which a series of paintings was created, consisting of about 20 pieces in various formats and technologies. Some of the canvases have spatial looms resulting from the complexity of the canvas structure, which is why they fit into the modernist concept of the architectural theme, which the artist tries to solve with the often mechanized creative process. Often, he uses the polargraph drawing machine, which is applied to the structural stretcher plates with graphite or paint, previously designed in digital technology. The full expression of the whole corresponds to the fulfillment of the assumption of the supposed mythology, the purpose of which is to describe the idea of sacred geometry. It is she who, as the carrier of the golden proportion that is the foundation of structural formalism, is the hidden message of the designers of the past era of Polish architecture. Undoubtedly Gdańsk in the name of this ideology became a great construction site in the 1970s. At the same time, the question arises about the hidden purpose of this economic challenge, which, as we all know from experience, has not necessarily been fulfilled in terms of the quality of our lives. Therefore, does not the question of the utopia of this idea carry with the thesis of the mythology of the structure?

 Photographic documentation of the exhibition at Pionova Gallery in Gdańsk.