From 5.10.2023 to 3.11.2023

Kierat Gallery Stettin, Koński Kierat 14

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The image of nature…
Wild, primal, unpredictable… Eternally self-contained and self-
determining, manifesting itself in the form of trees, bushes,
dunes…. arises mystery, uncertainty, anxiety, fear of the unknown
and at the same time – a delight and a majestic experience.
Too complex, too complicated, unclear, blurred…

From the other hand – the man..
and its human manifestation of creation..
creating, or maybe discovering rules of geometry, right angles ,
circles..All this in the pursuit for order and security, creates ideas,
in order to control what is wild, plant, animal, unknown.
He builds roads, cuts down trees, sets out fields and surfaces…
He creates arches across rivers, bridges, domes, roads,
builds monuments, capitals.

By entering into the Plato’s cave, with a point, line and surface,
He creates, with a mirror precision, a world that is known to him;
where he honors the ideas of the golden ratio, immersed in sacred
geometry, ass if he wanted to tame nature – seemingly chaotic,
geometric and give it a form of perfection.

But is he able to match nature’s creation power?

Or to enter into symbiosis with this nature? And partnership coexistence?
It seems as if these two worlds: human and nature – were sort of
opposites to each other.
They coexist side by side, but as if they were in conflict with each
other, they do not connect the earth into a whole, but rather divide
the space on the earth.
Man has long wanted to tame nature…

He arranges it as if he wanted to enclose it in a picture frame,
By trimming its edges, he tames it for his own purposes.
But where order ends, nature bends a straight line into a wave,
introduces chaos incomprehensible to humans,
draws structures on the mirror surfaces,
which disturb the obviousness of man-made and expected symmetry.
What will this dialogue look like next? This coexistence?
Will it be a fight and conflict for domination? 
Will man find the readiness and humility to enter into dialogue with nature?And start feeling not superior but equal to it?