Personal Pictures

Solo exhibition in Żak Gallery in Gdańsk | 13 may 2020.

painting Rafał Podgórski

fot. P. Wyszomirski

fot. P. Wyszomirski

“Shirt on marble”

A painting from the Qoudlibet series, expressing the tropme l’oeil of painting referring to the tradition of the illusionist concept of covering what is unsaid.

In this work, the covering motif is a symbol in itself, showing a personal object – a shirt that once constituted the purity of a vow taken during a marriage certificate. Today, the purity of the symbol covers what is considered noble and precious, in a way that is contrary to convention, and that destroys the aesthetic order.

The two symbols are intertwined, excluding at the same time and each other, not letting them sound full and respectable.

Oil on canvas. 2021. Dimension: 180 x 140 cm


In Polish forests, you can often find a shelter in the form of a shelter made of fallen branches of old trees. A mound is made of them around the tree. This simple structure can serve as a temporary hiding place, for example in the partisan struggle of the last fighters for freedom and independence in the years 45-50 of the last century on behalf of the Home Army. In the title painting, the suit becomes a binding element of the guerrilla fight for freedom, along with that symbol of an elegant culture that captivates us in its complexity of patterns and archetypes.

Oil on canvas. 2021. Dimension: 180 x 140 cm


A genre scene showing the swan family by the water in a rather prosaic, and at the same time slightly nostalgic shot. All attention is focused on the two swans facing in the opposite direction to each other.

Unnoticeable at first glance, the main character of the painting, i.e. the lost wallet, presents a personal item in which there are portraits of my daughters.

Oil on canvas. 2021. Dimension: 180 x 140 cm