Podgorski portfolio 2023 eng Strona 02

Wild, primal, natural, unpredictable… 

Eternally self-contained and self-determining image of nature, overgrown with the biological substance of matter, manifesting itself in the form of trees, bushes, dunes….

Always arousing mystery, uncertainty, anxiety, fear of the unknown, and at the same time – a delight and a majestic experience. Too complex, too complicated, unclear, blurred, detailed… 

Man and its human manifestation of activity in the pursuit for order,       balance and security, creates ideas, geometry, right angle and the circles, in order to control what is wild, plant, animal, unknown. 

He builds roads, cuts down trees, sets out fields and surfaces… he creates an architecture. 

He comes out of the Plato’s cave with a though in mind about flat surface, mirror precision, arcade arches, golden ratio, sacred geometry. 

These two worlds, too complex and completely opposite and antagonistic to each other, coexist on one planet. 

Man subordinates nature, to be able to manage it like a frame in a painting. He closes it in the in a frame, trims its edges, tames its biology. 

Nature, on the other hand, when human activity ceases, bends a straight line into waves, draws a texture on the surface, structuralizes and complicates all this, what a man’s though and an idea has raised in the space of nature’s existence.


"The fragrance of blue" Oil on canvas. 165x165cm
"Rabbit hole" Oil on canvas. 200 x 150 cm
"The border" Oil on canvas. 130x100cm
Rafał Podgórski
„Bluewood”. Screenprinting on glass. 100x70 cm

„Bluewood”. Screenprinting on glass. 100×70 cm

„Blackwood”. Lithography print. 100x70 cm
„In the garden”. Lithography print. 35x50 cm
"Eagle owl". Oil on canvas. 40x60cm.
„Stone wheels”. Lithography print. 88 x 64cm
"The X33" Oil on canvas. 160x135cm